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RECESS with Allie is fueled by passion and backed by research- founded by Allie Fogel, a professional dancer and kid's media expert. Growing up Allie was an avid competitive dancer. But with her short athletic built never felt like she fit in or could pursue dance professionally. With a lot of perseverance and passion, Allie toured professionally with Sesame Street Live playing the role of Elmo and danced for Nickelodeon and Disney. On tour, Allie saw the joy that song and dance could bring to audiences across the world, as well as the incredible learning and confidence building benefits. She truly believes dance is for everyBODY!

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Our mission is to inspire kids ages 3-8 to dream big, think creatively and live confidently through the power of movement.

We’re here to help spread the magic of movement.


Our vision is to provide healthy, movement based screen time that grownups feel great about their kids watching and host live classes that inspire joy. We are building a safe community of confident, joyful and enriched kids that view movement and physical activity as fun. Our content is built to also give grownups a break to get some work done, and to give kids some time to shake out their sillies and shoot for the stars.

Kids Running

Allie Fogel has a passion for children and family audiences and is a storytelling expert. Allie loves inspiring others through the power of movement and most recently played the role of “Elmo” on the national tour of Sesame Street Live. She also has performed professionally with Nickelodeon and Disney. With that, Allie worked as a casting producer for NBC's America's Got Talent and has been a casting consultant for many seasons of ABC's American Idol. She also has experience working with Disney Junior's creative development team and Disney Interactive's social media team. Let's dance!

All About Allie

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